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Exams - Fiddle, Accordion and Harp

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers graded exams and unmarked performance assessments in traditional Scottish music for fiddle, accordion and Scottish harp. Taigh na Teud are the publishers of the repertoire for the exams.

Sessions will take place at the Royal Conservatoire in March, June and November 2023 but schools can request special visits by an examiner at any time of year.

PLEASE NOTE: The present syllabus (including Pam and QS) is being extended for exam use until December 2023 when a new syllabus will be presented by the RCS for fiddle, harp and accordion.

Syllabuses, repertoires, entry guidelines and contact details can be viewed on their website: https://www.rcs.ac.uk/traditional-music-graded-exams/

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Banks of Allan

Lovely accordion arragement by Christine Martin.


Braigh Loch Iall

Lovely accordion arrangement by Christine Martin.


Brochan Iom (Orange and Blue)

This is a very popular traditional Gaelic schottische and is fun to play. It is a great tune for be…


Calum's Road

Lovely accordion composition by Donald Shaw arranged by Alistair McCulloch.


Captain Horne

This is a lovely traditional Scottish strathspey for the accordion and other lead instruments. It i…


Da Sooth End

This is a great traditional jig for the accordion and other lead instruments. It is a great tune fo…


David and Sheila's

Lovely accordion composition by Mairearad Green.