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Repertoire and resources for Grade 5 harp for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland traditional music exams.

PLEASE NOTE: This harp exam book can be used for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s traditional music exams syllabus 2014 – December 2022.

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Amherst Two-Step

Lovely accordion composition by Alistair McCulloch


Archie Menzies

This is a very popular session tune often played by accordionists and other lead instruments.


Auld Robin Gray

Lovely accordion composition by Rev. William Leeves arranged by Moira Landels.


Calliope House

Very Popular jig at sessions and ceilidhs.


Captain Cameron's Volunteer March

This is a great march to play on the accordion.


Captain MacBean's Reel

Lovely accordion arrangement by Christine Martin.


Da Tushkar

Very popular tune to play at sessions and ceilidhs, written by Ronnie Cooper.