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Scottish Music Graded Exams Fiddle - Grade 5 (2014-December 2023) (book)

The fiddle syllabus 2014-December 2023 from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers a great choice of tunes for your repertoire and will enable you to create a programme for the RCS Traditional Music Exams or SQA exams, ceilidhs, mods and concerts.

The pieces were selected by Alistair McCulloch and Christine Martin and are from many well known players, teachers and composers of Scottish fiddle music.

For the Grade 1 fiddle syllabus 2014-December 2023, we offer you a choice of tunes to start you on your way to a rich and varied repertoire. Where appropriate, tunes in this volume have been edited for guidance purposes.

The syllabus requirements are included in the website samples.

The entry guidelines, syllabus and repertoires can be also viewed at http://www.rcs.ac.uk/traditional-music-graded-exams/

The arrangements represent the technical standard to be expected at the grade, and as such should be adhered to by candidates when performing in the exam.


Book format:
Bowing, Staff notation
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Jig, March, Reel, Strathspey, Waltz

Table of contents

  • Bovaglie’s Plaid
  • Chapel Keithack
  • Eilean Aigeis
  • Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
  • Ho Chan Eil
  • Mulad Oirnn‘
  • Miss Graham of Inchbrakie
  • Roslin Castle
  • The Coleburn
  • Ben Gullion
  • Earl Grey
  • John MacNeil
  • Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston
  • Miss Shepherd
  • John Stephen of Chance Inn
  • The Tushkar
  • The Braes of Castle Grant
  • The Orkney Polka
  • The Sands of Murness
  • The Warlocks
  • Willie’s Auld Trews
  • The Sprig of Ivy
  • Calliope House
  • Easy Club Reel
  • Liz Kane
  • Garry Porch of Avernish
  • Leaving Lerwick Harbour
  • The Tongadale
  • Reel, The Quiet Man
  • Dram Behind the Curtain
  • Seud nan Ceud Bliadhna
  • Maggie West’s Waltz


“I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to explore their chosen instrument, at any stage of life” Living Tradition Magazine 2015

Pete Heywood

“I really enjoyed playing through the books ------- accessing this collection of music will certainly stimulate, encourage and build up a healthy repertoire of Scottish fiddle tunes” Fiddle On Magazine 2015

Charlie McKerron

“Each book is packed full of excellent tunes from the ‘Golden Age’ of our fiddle masters trhough to present day compositions, which together form an excellent resource for students and teachers alike.” Box and Fiddle Magazine 2015

Raemond Jappy

“The books are well produced with input from relevant experts and a good range of tunes which are likely to be played widely outside of the classroom” Living Tradition Magazine2015

Pete Heywood

“Many fantastic tunes here by the likes of Phil Cunningham, Gordon Duncan, Allan MacDonald, and a long list of luminaries from the Scottish music scene.”Fiddle On Magazine 2015

Charlie McKerron


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