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Exams - Fiddle, Accordion and Harp

These are the RCS exam books for Fiddle, Accordion and Harp from with an excellent 40% and more discount, ready to help you learn, practice and excel on your instrument.

These are the selected pieces for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Traditional Music Exams 2014 - 2023 expertly graded and edited by leading Scottish players. These have an attractive and varied range of styles, creating a collection that provides an excellent source of repertoire.

The graded pieces are suitably set for various levels of the Scottish schools music exam system with an excellent choice of interesting tunes to learn.

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Scottish Music Graded Exams Accordion - Grade 2 (2014 - December 2023)

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Scotland the Brave

Very popular march with accordion players and pipe bands. Well known Scottish accordionist Sandy Br…


An Ataireadhd Ard

Lovely accordion arrangement of this Gaelic air


Atholl Highlanders (first 2 parts only)



Dirk Kommer's Reel

Lively dance tune for accordion and other instruments.


Gluss Ayre

Gluss Air - This is a popular Shetland waltz and is a great tune for beginners and is from the prin…


I See Mull

Lovely air for accordion or other instruments


Katie Bairdie

Popular strathspey to play on the accordion, fiddle and other lead instruments. It is a great tune …


Malteser Madness

Great tune by Mairearad Green for accordion and other instruments


Murdo's Wedding

Great little march for accordion and other instruments