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Gaelic songs, Scots songs and some Highland English songs with chords, accompaniments and lyrics. These are PDF files and easy to download and read.

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Buain na Rainich - Variable Speed Videos

This bundle includes multi-angle video, sheet music and additional information about the performer.…


Bodachan a' Mhirein

Bodachan a’ Mhirein - This Gaelic song is also well known by pipers and fiddlers as The High Road t…


Ca' the yowes

Burns heard this tune sung to traditional words by a Markinch schoolmaster, the Rev. John Clunie, a…


Cumha Mhic Criomain

Legend has it that this song was made for Donald Ban MacCrimmon, the only casulty at the Rout of Mo…


Eilean Fraoich

(Isle of Heather) - Every island seems to have songs extolling its virtues and Lewis is decidedly r…


Gabhaidh Sinn an Rathad Mor

Gabhaidh Sinn an Rathad Mòr - This is a well known childrens song which is very popularly known in …


Mo Shoraidh leis na fuar-bheannan

(My farewell to the cold mountains) - As he looks at the land, the Gael remembers the old ways and …


Oran a Chaiora

(song of the sailing boat Caiora) - A very popular song from Lewis and very much associated with th…


S fhada leam an oidhche gheamhraidh

(The Winter Light is Long with Me) - Lovely Gaelic air from Lewis by Murdo MacFarlane. A song of ex…