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Very rhythmic slow marches from the bagpipe tradition.

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Castle Dangerous

This retreat march is a great one for the fiddle. This tune was written by James Haugh.


Dream Valley of Glendaruel

A fantastic retreat march from the piping tradition.


Shoals of Herring

A lovely tune from the bagpipe tradition.


The Battle of the Somme

This tune is a Retreat March.


The Heights of Dargai

A popular march with many instrumentalists. This tune was written by J. Wallace.


The Kilworth Hills

A popular pipe tune that works well on the fiddle. Try adding in your own gracenotes to create an i…


Three Good Fellows Beyond the Glen

A traditional retreat march taken from the 3rd William Gunn Bagpipe Collection.


When the Battle is Over

A popular pipe march by P.M. William Robb.