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Lively tunes in 6/8 time for dancing or listening.

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The Stool of Repentance Lesson 12 Intermediate

This bundle includes multi-angle video, sheet music, audio and additional information about the per…


A Health to the Ladies

This tune is also known as Sweet Biddy Daly and can be used for dancing the Strip the Willow. A nic…


Ally Bally

This is a great Scottish jig which is often played at sessions and was written by local Skye fiddle…


Andy Dejarlis Jig

This is a great jig which is often played at sessions.


Apples in Winter

A great traditional jig you will often hear played at sessions.


Banks of the Allan

traditional Scottish jig which is fun to play on the fiddle and other lead instruments.


Barney Brallaghan

This is a very popular 9/8 jig which works very well when played for a Strip the Willow at a ceilid…


Belle of the Ball

This is a great fun little jig.


Bessie Brown

This great pipe jig was written by Captain D. R. MacLennan.


Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee is a lovely jig which is fun to play on the fiddle. The words are said to have been w…