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These are books to help you learn to play fiddle and it can take you from beginners to advanced playing. Some of them have DVDs, others have CDs to help you learn easily.

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Ceilidh Collections for Fiddle - (four book offer)

These four Ceilidh Collections for Fiddles (and other instruments) are amongst our most popular boo…


Play Scottish Fiddle (Beginners) Book / DVD

This tutor package combines a useful tune and technique book with an instructional DVD.


Traditional Scottish Fiddling with CD

This outstanding tune book and guide to Scottish fiddle styles has over 220 tunes and includes a de…


The Elphinstone Collection with CD

Fiddle tunes from North East Scotland including previously unpublished tunes by Scott Skinner and W…


Traditional Fiddle Music of the Scottish Borders with CD (spiral version)

This outstanding book and CD collection of traditional fiddle music from the Scottish Borders was t…


Scottish Fiddle Course

This bundle includes Fiona Driver's Scottish Fiddle Course book and CD.


Traditional Fiddle Book and CD

This is a great book to give you an overview of the main fiddle styles in the UK and includes fiddl…


First Ceilidh Collection for Fiddlers with CD

This popular book of ceilidh tunes includes a demonstration CD of all the tunes to help you learn t…


The Scottish Folk Fiddle Tutor with CD

This brilliant tutor book includes a demonstration CD of all the tunes to help you learn them.


Scottish Music Graded Exams Fiddle - Grade 5 (2014-2020)

The fiddle Syllabus 2014-2020 offers a great choice of tunes for your repertoire or to create a pro…