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San roinn seo tha comaigean, sgeulachdan tradaiseanta, claran-ciuil, leabhraichean orain, leabhraichean dathaichte agus foillseachaidhean eile le Gàidhlig am broinn.

This section includes comics, traditional stories, albums, song books, colouring books, and other publications with Gaelic content.

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Keith Norman MacDonald’s Puirt à Beul

The Vocal Dance Music of the Scottish Gaels. This new edition, with an introduction and historical …


100 Songs of Rob Donn MacKay - 100 Oran le Rob Donn MacAoidh

100 Òran le Rob Donn MacAoidh. This is a songbook for both singers and scholars, intended to serve…


Orain an Eilein - Gaelic Songs of Skye

Over 160 Gaelic songs with words and music gathered from tradition bearers from the Isle of Skye. T…


Smuaintean Bho Cheann A' Bhara

Niall Brownlie was a well known bard from Tiree and this book contains some of his best known songs…


The Angus Fraser Collection

The Angus Fraser Collection of Scottish Gaelic Airs contains 245 tunes dating back to 18th Century …


Dhannsadh gun Dannsadh - Dance songs of the Scottish Gael

In Scotland today traditional dancing is usually accompanied by instruments like fiddle and accordi…


Leabhar a' Phiana - Simple Gaelic Tunes for the Piano book with 2 CDs

This is the book Leabhar a' Phiana - Simple Gaelic Tunes for the Piano book with 2 demonstrations d…


Puirt Ura (New Tunes for Harp) - Beginners

This beginners clarsach tune book is ideal for new players and offers lots of lovely tunes to pract…


Asterix ann an Dùthaich nan Cruithneach

Asterix and the Picts! A brand new adventure where Asterix leaves Gaul to visit the Picts in the H…


Fire agus Faire a' dol gu muir

Fire agus Faire a’ dol gu muir - Fire and Faire go to Sea, is a delightful tale about two dogs and …