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San roinn seo tha comaigean, sgeulachdan tradaiseanta, claran-ciuil, leabhraichean orain, leabhraichean dathaichte agus foillseachaidhean eile le Gàidhlig am broinn.

This section includes comics, traditional stories, albums, song books, colouring books, and other publications with Gaelic content.

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Smuaintean Bho Cheann A' Bhara

Niall Brownlie was a well known bard from Tiree and this book contains some of his best known songs…


Leabhar a' Phiana - Simple Gaelic Tunes for the Piano book with 2 CDs

This is the book Leabhar a' Phiana - Simple Gaelic Tunes for the Piano book with 2 demonstrations d…


Puirt Ura (New Tunes for Harp) - Beginners

This beginners clarsach tune book is ideal for new players and offers lots of lovely tunes to pract…


Asterix ann an Dùthaich nan Cruithneach

Asterix and the Picts! A brand new adventure where Asterix leaves Gaul to visit the Picts in the H…


Tintin - An T- Eilean Dubh

Tintin - The Black Island This is a first for Tintin in Gaelic!  We are delighted to have An T- Ei…


Fire agus Faire a' dol gu muir

Fire agus Faire a’ dol gu muir - Fire and Faire go to Sea, is a delightful tale about two dogs and …


The Crunluath Collection with CD

This exciting book of Gaelic songs taken from the bagpipe tradition includes a demonstration CD to …


Harlaw - Scotland 1411

Double CD. Ancient Music and Stories Commemorating the 600 year anniversary of the Legendary Batt…


Keith Norman MacDonald's Puirt-a-Beul

The Vocal Dance Music of the Scottish Gaels. This new edition, with an introduction and historical …


Duan Nollaig (Scottish Gaelic Christmas Carols)

Gaelic singer Fiona MacKenzie's collection of 16 Christmas Carols with piano arrangements and table…