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Scottish fiddle music old and new from Cape Breton, where there are lots of Scottish descendants live and play music from Scotland.

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Jerry Holland: The Second Collection

A fresh compilation of 322 new and traditional tunes arranged by Jerry complete with his carefully …


The Lighthouse Collection with CD

This book and CD bundle by Paul Cranford and friends contains over 250 tunes in the Scottish and Ca…


Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes

This is volume 1 of the Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series by Brenda Stubbert's. A popular book,…


Brenda Stubbert's the 2nd Collection

This book contains 161 tunes and is a mixture of new Stubbert compositions alongside new and old mu…


Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes

This is a very popular book and is now into its 5th edition (with chords added by Jerry himself), t…


The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection

The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection has proved very popular and is now in its second edition and co…


The Cape Breton Scottish Collection

Scottish settlers in Cape Breton have maintained traditions of instrumental dance music since the t…


Winston Fitzgerald Collection

Winston (1997-2005) was without doubt Cape Breton's most influential recording artist. This book fo…