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These books are full of tunes from our popular fiddle books and are carefully arranged for cello by well known Scottish players and include fingering, bowing and chords. A great selection of Scottish music for all ages and stages of cello playing.

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The MacKintosh Collection

Four Collections of Scottish music containing 357 tunes first published by Robert MacKintosh of Tul…


Session Tunes for Scottish Cellists

This is a great new cello book for cellists who want to play Scottish tunes as solos and with other…


The John Bowie Collection

A collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances with bass for violincello or harpsichord by Joh…


The Ceilidh Collection for Cello / Bass

Scottish tunes written for bass cleff instruments. A great selection of over 50 popular Scottish tu…


Session Tunes for Scottish Cellists

This eBook is ideal for using on computers and ipads/ Tablets as it scrolls. This is a great cello…


Andy Dejarlis Jig

Very popular Cape Breton tune which is popular with fiddlers in Scotland and makes a great cello se…


As a Thoiseach

Very popular session tune with fiddlers, makes a great cello session tune too. Includes some positi…


Balaich an Iasgaich

(The Fishing Boys) - This is a simple air from the islands and can be used for playing a waltz.


Cota Gearr Sgiobalta

(Short Coated Mary) - Very popular ceilidh tune with fiddlers, makes a great cello ceilidh tune too.


Drowsy Maggie

Very popular session tune with fiddlers all over the world and this is the Scottish version - makes…