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We have Gaelic solo songs and choir song arrangements from traditional performers and well known Gaelic song collectors. Many of the books contain extensive notes on the songs and collectors. The videos are taught phrase by phrase to make learning them easy.

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Smuaintean Bho Cheann A' Bhara

Niall Brownlie was a well known bard from Tiree and this book contains some of his best known songs…


The Crunluath Collection with CD

This exciting book of Gaelic songs taken from the bagpipe tradition includes a demonstration CD to …


Keith Norman MacDonald's Puirt-a-Beul

The Vocal Dance Music of the Scottish Gaels. This new edition, with an introduction and historical …


Duan Nollaig (Scottish Gaelic Christmas Carols)

Gaelic singer Fiona MacKenzie's collection of 16 Christmas Carols with piano arrangements and table…


Music from the Western Isles

Music and Song from the Western Isles recorded by the School of Scottish Studies over thirty years …


Waulking Songs from Barra

A source Cd from the Isle of Barra of waulking songs (Gaelic working songs for fulling hand made cl…


Slighe an Airgid (Gaelic Choir Songs)

This excellent book of 20 Gaelic choir song arrangements will be a welcome addition to the repertoi…


We're a' Connected

95 Scottish Songs to Dance tunes - for Singers, Fiddlers and Pipers. A fascinating collection re- c…


Folk Songs from the Highlands with digital CD

Learn some popular folk songs from the highlands with our downloadable eBook and digital CD.


Tog Fonn! - Gaelic Songs and Dance Tunes

Lively traditional songs which are ideal for learners of Gaelic song and music. The Gaelic songs ar…