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For beginners we have an easy to follow DVD of favourite Scottish fiddle tunes with lots of illustrations and supplementary information to help make learning Scottish fiddle easy. Eight individual lessons plus 20 extra great Scottish tunes to take you from absolute beginner to intermediate level. Simple airs, strathspeys, reels and marches with fast and slow tune versions to make learning easy.

For intermediate players, our DVD will help you to learn the style and techniques to play great Scottish reels, jigs, airs, marches and strathspeys with a Glenfiddich Champion fiddler. Easy to navigate, with multi-angle video - includes tune booklet.

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Play Scottish Fiddle (Beginners) Book / DVD

This tutor package combines a useful tune and technique book with an instructional DVD.


Play Scottish Fiddle (Beginners) DVD

This multi-angle DVD tutor will take you from the complete beginner stage to playing simple airs, r…


Play Scottish Fiddle (Intermediate) DVD

Being a multi-angle DVD, you can easily learn the style and techniques to play great Scottish reels…