Our products

We offer a variety of different products for those interested in Scottish traditional music.

Great collections of old and contemporary music brought together in our books and e-books.

Multimedia files, such as video and audio, to help you learn the music.

Thousands of sheet music downloads available, all categorised by different criteria, e.g. instrument, tune types and speed.

Great tuition material, including videos, (e-)books, (digital) albums and DVDs.

Publisher of the official graded traditional exam material for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (with books, download sheet music and Practical & Aural Musicianship and Quick Studies).

Coverage of many instruments, fiddle, accordion, harp, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, whistle, cello, viola and voice.

Additional products of interest include Tintin (in Gaelic and Scots), Celtic colouring books, traditional tales in Scots and Gaelic and Gaelic personal name book.

Structure of products

We have physical and digital products; physical products will be shipped to the customer, whereas digital products will be available for instant download after purchase.

An order can contain a mix of physical and digital products

Physical products are

Books: (hard copy)
CD / Album:

  • Demonstration CDs accompanying books.
  • Performance albums for general listening.


  • Tuition DVDs (accordion, fiddle and step-dance).
  • Please note Play Scottish Accordion (Beginners) DVD ROM cannot be played in a DVD player, but opens in a computer, (content includes multi-angle videos).

Digital products (Permanent and instant downloads to your computer):

Sheet music

  • These are mainly from the collections we have previously published and we are now making these great tunes available for purchase as individual tunes. Most are still available in printed books.
  • Chords, fingering, lyrics and bowings are included where appropriate.
  • File format is pdf, if required other versions in different keys can be supplied.


  • Recorded in multi-angle (you will get several streams of video where you will be able to see the player from more than one angle), picture in picture (the video is two angles of viewing edited into one video) and single angle (for example front angle for song).  Lessons are from ten to twenty five minutes in length.
  • The video description will indicate the video format.
  • Slow/normal versions. Some videos have a slow version for learning the tune followed by a normal speed version.  These are three to four minutes in length.
  • Both tuition/ non-tuition videos are available.  Tuition videos take you through the tune step by step while the non-tuition ones have only slow and normal speed versions.
  • The file format of videos is now MP4. The videos always come with a player that plays the video on every platform/operating system. These are high quality files playable by every operation system. 
  • New videos will be produced in mp4, which is readable by all modern operating systems.


  • The format of all e-books is pdf, which can be read using the free Adobe PDF Reader.  Some books have a page turning facility and index linking to the tunes.
  • Some books which are out of print are made available here.
  • Some of our current popular books are now available in a digital version.
  • Some have embedded audio so that you can listen to the tune as you read it.
  • Some will have links to performance videos.

Digital Albums

  • Some digital albums contain (as do the physical ones) performance tunes that go with the books.
  • There are also performance albums of interest that are no longer available as CDs.
  • The file format is a zip-file that contains mp3s. The zip format is know by all operating systems, so that you can easily access the files.


  • Performance recordings (live performances from our sheet music and music books)
  • Audio lessons (step by step tuition for those who prefer to learn by ear)
  • With some books we have MP3 recordings converted from midi files (when live performance recordings are not available).  These are clearly indicated.
  • All audio files are mp3s and can thus be played on all devices.


  • Some music we give away for free is written in ABC notation
  • To convert copy and paste the notation text into a converter such as can be found here: [http://www.concertina.net/tunes_convert.html]
  • The file format of these is a simple text-file.


  • We offer some biographies of our performers, composers etc.
  • Biographies are in pdf-format


  • Throughout the site you’ll find free lyrics that go with our Scottish music material.
  • Lyrics are in pdf format.

Practice and aural musicianship (PAM)

  • These are requirements for the graded exams from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • The file format is PDF, so you can easily print and study them.

Quick Study (QS)

  • These are requirements for the graded exams from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • The file format is PDF, so you can easily print and study them.


  • Some  of our products come bundled, so you get collections of things that go together. This might be an audio or video practice track with the appropriate sheet music and a biography of the performer. Or this could be a book that is being sold with a (digital) CD, so you can also listen to the music as you learn the tunes.
  • Watch out for our bundle icon.  The detailed product page shows the content of each bundle so you’ll always be well informed about what you will receive.
  • Bundles may contain a mixture of physical and digital products, you will receive the downloads instantly, whereas the physical products will be shipped to you.

If you are still uncertain about any our products do not hesitate to ask for more information using our contact form. We hope you enjoy browsing the traditional Scottish music on our site.