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We have an excellent tutor book that is suitable for a complete beginner with no previous musical knowledge but with many useful tips and pointers for the more advanced player.

Accomplished and renowned percussionist Steafan Hannigan details all the intricacies of traditional Bodhran playing with a careful progression through the techniques using numerous examples and exercises.

A selection of repertoire pieces are included which add depth to your playing. Sections on the history, construction and maintenance of the Bodhran are included. All clearly presented with illustrations, photographs and diagrams.

A CD of demonstration tracks of all the pieces in the book played by Hannigan himself is also included. This allows you to hear examples of the exercises and pieces as they should sound.

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The Bodhrán Book with CD

This comprehensive guide to bodhrán playing includes a demonstration CD to help you learn.


Cuban Conga Drumming

Suitable for all levels of conga drummers, hand drummers and percussionists who are new to congas. …