Scottish Wedding Venues

Where Can I Marry?

Remember that there is a 14-day waiting period after you give notice to your parish about your plans to marry. These are called the marriage banns.

Civil Ceremonies can take place in a Register Office during working hours and, due to a recent change in the Scottish law, in any place that is agreeable for both.

Religious Ceremonies may be held at any time or place agreeable to a licensed celebrant. As long as the minister agrees that a venue is suitable and is willing to conduct the service, all possibilities are available!

(The difference between Scotland and the rest of the U.K. is that, in Scotland, it is the person who conducts the service and not the building that is licensed to hold weddings).

What happens if I don’t live in Scotland?

There are no prior residency requirements for marriage in Scotland. It is, however, necessary to observe the minimum fifteen days notice and the Marriage Schedule has to be collected in person before a religious ceremony.

When one party lives in Scotland and the other in England or Wales, there is no need for the party living outside Scotland to travel to Scotland prior to the marriage. It is possible for notice to be given to the English or Welsh Superintendent Registrar of the district in which they live. The notices issued in England and Wales are recognised in Scotland.