Tips for the Fiddle (video)

We are offering this 18 video clips "Tips for the Fiddle" lesson for free to help you with your playing. These are trouble shooting and technique tips to help you as you learn to play the fiddle.

Well known Glenfiddich Fiddle Champion Sarah Naylor, is the player on these tracks to help you learn the tips and exercises and you will be able to see from the video very clear fingers and bowing so you can copy her easily.

----LEFT HAND----
* Plucking
* Thumb exercises
* Walking across strings
* Independant fingers
* Making a bridge
* Finger placing
* Arpeggio
* 2nd finger close
* Bow hold
* Tube exercise
* Counting to 20

----RIGHT HAND----
* Right hand plucking
* Linked bowing
* Repeated down bow
* Crossing strings
* Two note slurs
* Scots snap
* Three note slurs

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