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Dougie MacDougall of Alturlie and Special Friends (album)

Dougie MacDougall has been a well-know and well-respected figure on the Scottish traditional music scene around Inverness. He has waited until his 88th year to make this recording but it was well worth the wait as it is a great recording.

This album of 20 carefully selected tracks offers a great mix of tunes including jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes, marches and slow airs. It is very enjoyable listen in a real and straightforward Highland style that is getting very hard to find these days.

Some of the best Scottish musicians play with Dougie on this album Sandy Brechin, Bob McNeill, Gillian Stevenson,Richard Werner, Pete Brady, John Currie and many more.


Dougie MacDougall
Tune Types:
Air, Gaelic waltz, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Retreat march, Strathspey
Ceilidh, Hogmanay, Robert Burns night, St Andrew's Night, Weddings

Table of contents

  • 1. Ballochylen (Peter R. MacLeod Jnr) /Angus MacKinnon (PM Donald Shaw Ramsay) 2.29
  • 2. The Centenary Jewel (Seud nan Ceud Bliadhna) (Phil Cunningham)/The 93rd at Modder River (William Robb) 3.15
  • 3. Jeanna MacDougall (Dougie MacDougall) /Donnchadh (Dougie MacDougall) /Donella Johnstone (Dougie MacDougall) 3.01
  • 4. The Shores of Loch Bee (trad.)/John P. Mackintosh (Freeland Barbour -Deeay Music) 2.37
  • 5. Sarah’s Song (Phil Cunningham) 2.50
  • 6. Patrick McGovern (PM Andrew Venters) /The Blackberry Bush (1st 2 parts trad.; last 2 parts PM Donald MacLeod) /Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (PM G.S McLennan) 2.24
  • 7. Dougie MacDougall of Alturlie (Freeland Barbour – Deeay Music) /Jimmy the Joiner (Dougie MacDougall) 3.06
  • 8. Lament for Red lain (Tuireach lain Ruaidh) (trad.) 3.03
  • 9. Lexy MacAskill (Dr John MacAskill)/Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree (Peter MacFarquhar)/The Reunion Reel (Fergie MacDonald) 3.27
  • 10. Millbank Cottage (WD Dumbreck) /Irene Meldrum’s Welcome to Bon Accord (WG Meldrum) 3.14
  • 11. The Dark Island (words – David Silver/music – lain MacLachlan) 3.27
  • 12. Lady in the Bottle (AJ.Kenneth) /Ness Bothan (Fergie MacDonald) /Kenny Gillies of Portnalong (Peter MacFarquhar) 2.59
  • 13. Farquhar & Hettie’s Waltz (Farquhar MacRae) /Mo Mhathair (trad.) /Petty Bay (Dougie MacDougall) 3.44
  • 14. Donald McKay of Upper Barvas (J. McKay) /PM Jim Christie of Wick (Addie Harper) 3.10
  • 15. Crossing the Minch (PM Donald MacLeod)/The Brolum (Dr Charles Bannatyne) 2.52
  • 16. Argyllshire Gathering (John MacColl) /The Sprig of Ivy (Lt Bruce Seton) 3.08
  • 17. Spootiskerry (trad.) /The Silver Walk (Fergie MacDonald) /Itchy Fingers (trad.) 3.45
  • 18. I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue (trad.) /Primrose Polka (trad.) 2.41
  • 19. Lady Lever Park (PM Peter R MacLeod) /The Conundrum (PM Peter R MacLeod) 3.05
  • 20. At the End of a Perfect Day: The Eternal Surge of the Sea (An Aitearachd Ard) (Donald Maclver) 2.43


"Any chance he has more CD's!"

Ramona Bailey