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Scottish Music Graded Exams Accordion - Grade 3 (2014 - December 2023) (book)

The accordion Syllabus 2014 - December 2023 offers a great choice of tunes for your repertoire or to create a programme for TMGE or SQA exams or for ceilidhs, mods and concerts. Collected from many well known players, teachers and arrangers.

For the Grade 3 accordion syllabus 2014 - December 2023, we offer you a choice of tunes to start you on your way to a rich and varied repertoire. Where appropriate, tunes in this volume have been edited for guidance purposes.

The arrangements represent the technical standard to be expected at the grade, and as such should be adhered to by candidates when performing in the exam.


Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Gaelic waltz, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Schottische, Strathspey, Waltz
Chords, Staff notation
Anne Hughes, Iain MacPhail, Christine Martin, Ian Muir
Book format:

Table of contents

  • Airs:
  • Finlay MacRae - Phil Cunningham
  • In Praise of Islay - Trad/arr David MacKenzie
  • Hector the Hero - J Scott Skinner/arr Valerie Bryan
  • Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Dream Angus - Trad/arr Valerie Bryan
  • Braigh Loch Iall - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Farquhar & Hettie's Waltz - Finlay McRae/arr Christine Martin
  • Dance Tunes:
  • The Sound of Sleat - D Mackinnon/arr Valerie Bryan
  • Captain Horn - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Banks of Allan - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Orange and Blue - Trad/arr Christine Martin & Anne Hughes
  • Ian Powrie’s Compliments to Sir Thomas Wardle - Ian Powrie
  • Mo Chuachag Laghach - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Greenwoodside - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • The Eavesdropper - Trad/arr Christine Martin
  • Recent Compositions:
  • Calum's Road - Donald Shaw/arr Alistair McCulloch
  • The Weaver and His Wife - Andrew Rankine/arr Christine Martin
  • Da Sooth End - Willie Hunter
  • The Dunecht Loon - Graeme Mitchell
  • The New High Level - Whinham/Rankine
  • Drumloist - Jim Johnstone
  • Mo Mhathair - Neil MacLean/arr Christine Martin & Anne Hughes
  • David and Sheila's - Mairearad Green
  • Mrs Mary Printy – Iain MacPhail


“I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to explore their chosen instrument, at any stage of life” Living Tradition Magazine 2015

Pete Heywood

“The books are well produced with input from relevant experts and a good range of tunes which are likely to be played widely outside of the classroom” Living Tradition Magazine2015

Pete Heywood