The John Bowie Collection (e-book)

A collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances with bass for violincello or harpsichord by John Bowie (1759-1815) Perth 1789.

He was from Tibber More in Perth and was a musician, and he became a music seller of sheet music and instruments in 1803 in Perth. He and his brother Peter ran balls and played at them themselves. He composed four new tunes which he issued as a “broadsheet” in 1797 and this included a slow set of The Braes of Mar. In 1801 he issued another broadsheet which was published and sold at his music shop including a new strathspey called the “Perthshire Yeomanry” and “Lady Herriot Hay’s” reel, many of which are still danced to today.

His “Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances” was published in Edinburgh in 1789. Bowie died in 1815 in his 56th year.


Cello, Fiddle, Harp
Book format:
A4 Landscape
Staff notation
Tune Types:
March, Reel, Strathspey
John Bowie

Table of contents

  • Air by Fingal
  • The Andromeda
  • The Battle of Sheriff Moor
  • The Braes of Bushbie
  • The Braes of Glenturrote
  • Captain Francis Wemyss Delight
  • Captain Francis Wemyss strathspey
  • Capt. Graeme Inchbrakies strathspey
  • Captain Robertson Ludes
  • Colonel Robertson of Strowan’s March
  • Coming through the Heather
  • The Contrivance
  • The Countess of Kinnouls Delight
  • The Countess of Loudon’s Reel
  • The Crieff Meeting
  • Dunnira Lodge
  • Duplin Castle
  • Gillan na Drover
  • The Green Shades of Gask
  • The Hon. Charles Bruce’s Reel
  • The Hon. Miss Rollo’s Reel
  • The Humours of Listivain
  • The Humours of Panteen
  • Huntingtone Castle
  • Lady Mary Montagues Reel
  • The Lady of the Desart
  • Lady Ramsy’s Fancy
  • Lee Mills
  • Lochleven Side
  • Lord Duplin’s Jigg
  • Lord Rollo’s March
  • The Maids of Arrochar
  • McLouds Salute
  • Marly House
  • Miss Amelia Oliphant Gask’s strathspey
  • Miss Ann Douglas Brigton’s Jigg
  • Miss Biggars strathspe
  • Miss Campbell Monzies strathspey
  • Miss Charlote Hope of Craigiehall
  • Miss Charlote Stirling
  • Miss Charlote Stirlings Jigg
  • Miss Clementina Elphenstone’s Reel
  • Miss Clementina Sarah Drummond of Perth’s strathspey
  • Miss Douglas Brigton’s Jigg 18
  • Miss Drummond of Kelties Reel
  • Miss Hutton’s strathspey
  • Miss Jeany Sandemans Reel
  • Miss McLauchlan’s Reel
  • Miss McDonald St Martins strathspey
  • Miss McDonald St Martins Jigg
  • Miss Murray Lintrose
  • Miss Murray Ochtertyre
  • Miss Oliphant of Gasks Deligh
  • Miss Preston Fernton’s Reel
  • Miss Stewart Stentons Reel
  • Miss Susan Campbell Monzies strathspey
  • Miss Wright of Laton’s Reel
  • The Moor so Wett
  • Mr. Charles Grahams strathspey
  • Mr David McDowalls strathspey
  • Mr Oliphant of Condie’s strathspey
  • Mr Oliphant of Condie’s Willcome Home
  • Mrs Charles Grahame’s strathspey
  • Mrs Hepburn Belches
  • Mrs Muir Mackinzies Delight
  • Orchill House
  • Pither in enough
  • Port Atholl
  • Port Gordon
  • Port Lennox
  • Stak in Vergo
  • We’ll gang nae mair to yon town