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Harta (album)

Our band plays early and contemporary Scottish and Scandinavian music. In this three members band, we have Jack Evans on bouzouki, guitar and whistle; Ross Calderwood on small pipes and Swedish pipes; Christine Martin on nyckelharpa. We have been playing together on the Isle of Skye for around 6 years and have a unique repertoire of early Scottish and Nordic music which we are sure you will enjoy!

We are very grateful to have received funding from "Friends of Highland Music" towards the cost of producing this album. CS022098.


Bagpipe/small pipes, bouzouki, Guitar, Nyckelharpa, Whistle
Ceilidh, Hogmanay, Robert Burns night, St Andrew's Night
Scotland and Nordic Countries
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Listening tune, Long variation, Reel, Schottis, Schottische, Swedish Polska, Waltz
Ross Calderwood, Jack Evans, Christine Martin
Ross Calderwood, Jack Evans, Christine Martin
April 2022

Table of contents

  • Borgsjo Polska (4.26)
  • Trollpolska (3.47)
  • Valtrall (3.26)
  • To Daunton me/ Linkumdoddie/ Go to Berwick Johnnnie (3.57)
  • Hökper’s Waltz (3.40)
  • Scots Brawl /Horse Brawl(3.23)
  • Mölde Canticle Part 1 (4.44)
  • Ginglin’ Geordie (3.33)
  • Totaig (3.40)
  • Oxbergsmarchen/Brudmarsch (4.28)
  • When She Cam Ben She Bobbit/Wha I Met Yestreen (4.09)
  • Låt till Far (4.33)


When you listen to this CD you enter Harta’s musical world –– to allow a fresh interpretation in

Adam Sanderson Common Stock Magazine

Wow! Fantastic

Genevieve Tudor, Radio Shropshire

Each track is wonderfully accurately played with a lovely sense of ensemble between the musicians - beautifully recorded

Vicki Swan, Chanter Magazine

It’s a fine album with a distinct sound, great tunes and great playing, I know that our audience will enjoy it.

John Murray BBC Radio nan Gaidheal