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The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill - vol 3 (album)

Volume 3 of his fine songs on CD. For the first time, the Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill will eventually be brought together in a 5 volume set.

Robert Tannahill (1774 -1810) wrote over 100 songs of the finest quality that compare to those written by Robert Burns. He was born in Paisley, a weaver by trade and songwriter and poet by calling. This album is contemporary Scottish folk music with wholly modern arrangements and features outstanding musicians from every major folk group in Scotland.


Accordion, Cello, Double bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Piano, Scots song, Whistle
Ian Anderson, Nick Keir, Brian O hEadhra, Rod Paterson, Lucy Pringle
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Reel, Strathspey, Waltz
Ceilidh, Christmas, Hogmanay
ca. 55 mins, 0 secs

Table of contents

  • Will Ye Gang Tae Sherramuir
  • The Breaes o Gleniffer
  • Ye Friendly Stars
  • Adieu! Ye Cheerful Native Plains
  • Thou Cauld Gloomy Feberwar
  • The Simmer Gloamin
  • Lallan Lassie Wilt Thour Go
  • Despairing Mary
  • Fill, Fill the Merry Bowl
  • The Lasses AA Leuch
  • The Hielander's Invitation
  • The Lament o Wallace
  • Irish Teaching
  • Respongsive Ye Woods
  • I'll Soon Be Far Away
  • The Dirge of Carolan
  • Davie Tulloch's Bonnie Katie
  • Noo Winter is Gane
  • The trifler's Sabbath Day
  • Lament for Poor Drimindo/Kitty o' Carrol
  • The Lass o Arranteenie