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Dhannsadh gun Dannsadh - Dance songs of the Scottish Gael (album)

In Scotland today traditional dancing is usually accompanied by instruments like fiddle and accordion or bagpipes, but in the past instruments were not always available and people sang for the dancing. This Cd is a collection of these lovely songs from the 19th century and earlier.

There is also a book available - Keith Norman MacDonald's Puirt-a-Beul - with many more of these songs https://bit.ly/2RWLOdl or why not buy the book/CD bundle at a special price.

This new book edition, with an introduction and historical notes by Dr William Lamb, makes this valuable book of puirt available again to all Gaelic singers and musicians along with this illustrative CD.


Gaelic song, Voice
Scottish Highlands and Islands
Ceilidh, St Andrew's Night, Weddings

Table of contents

  • 32 tracks - song titles in Gaelic and English, with singers’ names (and track times):
  • Teann A-Nall Ailean Thugam: Bring Alan Over To Me by Mary Morrison and chorus of Barra women (1.07)
  • Tha Biodag Aig Macthòmais: Thomson Has A Dirk (Thomson’s Dirk) by Annie Arnott (1.37)
  • Biodag Dhòmhnaill ‘Ic Alasdair: Donald Son of Alasdair’s Dirk (Skye Dance / MacAlister Wears A Dirk) by Alasdair Boyd (1.32)
  • Nam Biodh Agam Giobal Bodaich: If I Had A Ragged Old Man (Clean Pease Strae) by Calum Johnston (0.33)
  • Dhannsamaid Le Ailean: We Would Dance With Alan by Annie Arnott (0.47)
  • O Rì A Choma Leam (Dhòmhn’ ‘Ic Calmain): O Rì I Couldn’t Care Less (Donald MacCalman) by John Kennedy (0.46)
  • Faca Tu Saor An T-Sabhaidh?: Did You Joiner of Sawing? by Rev Dr William Matheson (0.37)
  • Bi Tàrr As (Fear Nan Casan Caola): Take Off (Man Of The Skinny Legs) by Mary Morrison and Flora Boyd (0.31)
  • Nam Bithinn Na Mo Mhaighdeann: If I Were a Maiden * Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh: Finlay in Manuring * Mac A’ Phì: Mac-A-Phee (Mrs MacLeod of Raasay) by Kenneth MacIver (1.36)
  • Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn: My Brown-Haired Girl Will Reel (The Brown-Haired Maid) by Kate MacDonald (0,42)
  • Poca Sìl An T-Sealgair: The Hunter’s Sack Of Seed * Nuair A Bha Mi An Cùl A’ Bhealaich (Ruidhle Beathaig): When I Was At The Back of Bealach (Beth’s Reel) by Jonathan MacDonald (1.27)
  • Fhuair Mi Nead Na Gurra-Gùig: I Found The Dove’s Nest (Lady Madelina Sinclair) by Chrissie Mary MacDonald (0.27)
  • Càit Am Bi Na Maraichean: Where Will The Sailors Be? by Kenneth MacIver (1.13)
  • Nigheann Ruadh-Bhàn Aig Dòmhnall Ruadh Pìobair: Strawberry-Blond Daughter of Red Donald The Piper by Kate MacDonald (0.25)
  • Tighinn Air A’ Mhuir Am Fear A Phòsas Mi: Coming Over The Sea Is The One Whom I Will Marry by Kitty MacLeod (1.23)
  • Tha Mi Dol A Dhèanamh Banais: I’m Going To Wed (The Mason’s Apron / The Isla Reel) by Nan MacKinnon (1.06)
  • Tha Fonn Air A’ Ghille Dhonn: The Brown Haired Lad Is On Good Form by Donald MacColl (1.06)
  • Dh’Fhalbhainn Fada Ris A’ Ghealaich: I Would Travel Far By Moonlight by Annie Arnott (1.15)
  • Dh’Fhalbhainn Fhin Leìs An Tàillear Mhòr: I Would Leave With The Big Tailor (The White Cockade) by Kate MacDonald (0.58)
  • Cha Toirinn Còig Pheighinn Oirre: I Wouldn’t Give Five Pence For Her by Donald MacColl (1.43)
  • Tha M’ Inntinn Raoir: My Mind Last Night (Munlochy Bridge) * Siubhad A Bhalachaibh: Go On Lads (Devil in The Kitchen) by Kenneth MacIver (2.25)
  • Dili O Iodalam / Tha Bean Agam Tha Taigh Agam: A Wife I Have, A House I Have * Dòmhnall Dubh Nan Gobhar: Black-haired Donald Of The Goats (Jenny Dang The Weaver) by John MacInnes (1.47)
  • Am Fear A Dh’ith Am Bonnach Mòr: The One Who Ate The Big Bannock (Munlochy Bridge) * Siud An Rud A Binn Am Milleadh: That’s The Thing That Caused The Ruin by Capt Donald Joseph MacKinnon (1.10)
  • Gheibh Sinn Ribinnean Mòra, Mòra: We’ll Get Big, Big Ribbons by John MacInnes (1.09)
  • Air Do Shlàinte, Mhàiri An Dotair (U Bhi A Bhi): Here’s To Your Health, Mary Of The Doctor * Mac A’ Phì: Mac-A-Phee (High Road To Linton) by John Shaw (1.35)
  • Ruidhleadh Gogan A’ Chinn Mhòir: The Big-Headed Lout Reels (Cawdor Fair) * Maireabhal: Marrival by John MacInnes (1.59)
  • Tha Maoileas Mòr Na Guailleadh: Big Myles Of The Shoulders * Eadar A Dhà Ghàrradh: Between Two Dykes by James MacDonald (1.42)
  • Cairistiona Chaimbeul: Christina Campbell (The Miller of Drone) * Nam Amadan: A Fool I Am (The Soldier’s Joy) by Alex Hector MacPhail (1.45)
  • Is Math A Dhannsadh Uisdean Friseal: It Is Well That Hugh Fraser Dances (The Standard on The Braes of Marr) by Nan MacKinnon (0.59)
  • Far Am Bi Na Pìobairean (An Fhaidhir Mhuileach): Where The Pipers Will Be (The Lad Wi’ The Plaiddie / The Rose Among The Heather / The Mull Fair) * O Gur Duine Truagh Mi: Oh I Am A Wretched Man * Thoir A-Nall Ailean Thugam: Bring Alan Over To Me * Chuirinn Mo Bhalachan Shiubhal Nan Garbhlach: I’d Send My Lad To Travel The Rugged Country * Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh: Finlay Is Manuring by Angus Campbell MacLeod (4.40)
  • Bidh Or Na Cailliche Duibhe: The Black Old Woman’s Gold by Donald MacIntyre (0.40)
  • Bidh Mi Orra Chùlaibh: I’ll Be At Our Back (The High Road To Linton) by Angus Campbell MacLeod (0.56)