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Second Ceilidh Collection for Fiddlers (album)

This a demonstration CD for the Second Ceilidh Collection for Fiddlers. A further collection of the easier popular Scottish ceilidh tunes arranged for solo or group playing.

This is a popular selection of Scottish reels, marches, strathspeys, jigs, polkas, airs and more, all with easy chords for accompaniment and arranged in ‘sets’ for ceilidh dancing.


Anne Hughes, Christine Martin
ca. 1 hour, 10 mins
Beginners / Intermediate
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Gaelic waltz, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Strathspey, Waltz
Christine Martin

Table of contents

  • An ubhal as airde
  • Barney Brallaghan
  • Believe me these endearing young charms
  • Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhan
  • Blackthorn stick
  • Bonnie Dundee
  • Bottom of the punch bowl
  • The Boys of Bluehill
  • The Bugle horn
  • The Campbells are coming
  • Cearcal a' chuain
  • The Cock o the north
  • The Cornerhouse jig
  • Còta gearr sgiobalta
  • The Cradle song
  • Da bonnie polka
  • Dancing in Kyle
  • Dashing white sergeant
  • Davy Nick Nack
  • The De'il amang the tailors
  • Dingle regatta
  • Drops of brandy
  • Edmund McKenzie of Plockton
  • Fàgail Barraigh
  • Fear a' phige
  • The Gentle maiden
  • Good night and joy be with you
  • Green grow the rashes
  • The Growling old man and the grumbling old woman
  • Haste to the wedding
  • Hugaibh oirbh
  • The Humours of California
  • The Hundred pipers
  • I bhi ada
  • I hae a wife o my ain
  • Jean Milligan
  • Jeanie's blue een
  • Jenny's bawbee
  • Jumping Geordie
  • Lad with the plaidie
  • Lannagan's ball
  • Lass o' Patie's mill
  • Leezie Lindsay
  • Lord Randolph's bride
  • Màiri mhin meall-shuileach
  • Merrily danced the quaker's wife
  • Miss Forbes farewell to Banff
  • Mrs Jamieson's favourite
  • Mrs Macleod of Raasay
  • My love she's but a lassie yet
  • Nell Flaherty's drake
  • O'Carolan's concerto
  • O'er the hills and far away
  • Oidhche mhath leibh
  • Old rosin the bow
  • Peat fire flame
  • Petronella
  • Phil the fluter's ball
  • Rattlin' roarin' Willie
  • Roaring jelly
  • 'S ann an Ile
  • Scots wha hae
  • Seven step polka
  • Sì beag sì mor
  • The Siege of Ennis
  • The Soldier's joy
  • Spanish ladies
  • The Thistle of Scotland
  • Turkey in the straw
  • Ubhaidh abhaidh
  • Will ye no come back again


“It is a good mixture, equally useful for young musicians who are building their knowledge of tunes as for more experienced musicians who might like to be reminded of tunes temporarily mislaid in the memory.”

By John Moar - Orkney View Magazine

“I would recommend the book as a good grounding in all of the main styles of Scottish traditional dance music.”

By John Moar - Orkney View Magazine