O Tha’n Tombaca Daor (lyrics)

A song about the price a tobacco - it is a reel.
The song is a puirt a beul which is a traditional form of song popular in Scotland,
Ireland and Cape Breton. It is dance music sung in Gaelic and sometimes referred
to as “mouth music”.

O Tha’n Tombaca Daor
O tha’n tombaca daor,
O tha’n tombaca gini,
O tha’n tombaca daor,
B’fheàr leam gu robh e tuilleadh (x 2)

Gini air a h - uile punnd,
Gini air a h - uile gini;
Tha e gini air a’ phunnd,
Agus punnd air a’ ghini. (x 2)

Oh, the tobacco is dear,
Oh, the tobacco is a guinea,
Oh, the tobacco is dear,
I wish it was more.

A guinea for every pound,
A pound for every guinea,
A guinea for every pound
And a pound per guinea.

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