Peggy Gordon (lyrics)

Oh, Peggy Gordon, you are my darlingCome sit ye doon upon my kneeAnd tell tae me the very reasonWhy I am slighted so by thee.
I am in love I cannot deny itMy heart lies troubled in my breastIt's not for me to let the world know it A troubled heart can find no rest.

I put my head tae a cask o' brandyIt was my fancy so to doFor when I'm drinking I'm seldomthinkingAnd wishing Peggy Gordon was here.
I wish I was away in IngolFar across the briny seaSailing over the deepest oceanWhere love and care ne'er bother me.

I wish I was in a lonely valleyWhere womenkind cannot be found Where all the small birds they changetheir voices And every moment a different sound.

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