Seallaibh Curraigh Eòghainn (lyrics)

This song is a strathspey but Kathleen sings it here as a strathspey followed by aversion in reel time. The song is a puirt a beul which is a traditional form of songpopular in Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton. It is dance music sung in Gaelicand sometimes referred to as “mouth music”.

Seallaibh Curraigh Eòghainn
Seallaibh Curraigh Eòghainn’s còig raimh fhichead oirreSeallaibh Curraigh EòghainnSeachad air a’ Rubhà Bhàn; x 2
Bidh Eoghainn, bidh Eoghainn,(bidh) Eoghainn na sgiobair oirr,’Bidh Eoghainn, bidh Eoghainn,Seachad air a’ Rubhà Bhàn; x 2

See Ewan’s corracle
with twenty five oars (on her)
See Ewan’s corracle
past the Rubha Bàn.

Ewan will be, Ewan will be,
Ewan will be the skipper on her,
past the Rubha Bàn.

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