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The Gesto Collection of Highland Music (book)

This is a reprint of the 1895 Highland music collection, The Gesto Collection, made by Keith Norman MacDonald on Skye. The book contains an eclectic mixture of Gaelic airs (some with lyrics), pipe tunes and general fiddle tunes played and collected in the 19th Century.

The most valuable section for researchers is the 68 page appendix given to the author by Frances Tolmie who lived on Skye and was one of the greatest authorities on Gaelic music and song.


Accordion, Fiddle, Gaelic song, Harp, Mandolin, Whistle
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Gaelic waltz, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Slow strathspey, Strathspey, Waltz
1895 facsimile copy
Staff notation
Keith Norman MacDonald
Book format:
Ceilidh, Hogmanay

Table of contents

  • The fair wedding
  • Colin my dear
  • The finger lock
  • Prince Charlie
  • Young Alexander
  • A march for the clone
  • The gay plaid
  • Will you hear me
  • o sweetheart
  • Dr. Macleod wears a dirk
  • Bonnie Brown Maiden
  • An old Skye air
  • An old Skye air
  • An original gaelic air
  • The Hunter and the Owl
  • The thing of beauty
  • The hereditary Hall of MacLeod
  • I was yesterday in Ben Doran .
  • The bonnie brown dairy maid
  • The Grey Buck
  • The varle with the breeks .
  • Bonnie Stathmore  The Shieling in the Braes of Rannoch
  • The cottage by the fall
  • The Braes of Glen Braon
  • The Goal Herd and Shepherd
  • Bugle Horn
  • Sleep on till day
  • Fairy song
  • How can we abstain from Whisky
  • Where will the Maiden sleep?
  • Malcolm of the glen
  • Captain Campbell'c march
  • Big John’s daughter
  • The hamlet of Glendaruel
  • Colonel
  • Alexander Macdonald
  • What care I for the Minister?
  • Coming through the heather
  • The hill of my delight
  • Colin’s cattle .
  • The spraith of the lowlands
  • The Cuckoo of the Grove
  • Fingal’s weeping
  • The bard’s lament
  • A St. Kilda Ferment
  • MacIntosh’s lament
  • Sir Norman Macleod’s lament
  • Sleep and be quiet
  • Deil tak the wars
  • Thou hast left me melancholy
  • Dornoch Links
  • Dr MacKinnon's reel
  • Duke of York's march
  • The isle of mist (Skye)
  • Hail beautiful Morar
  • The Prince’s Salute
  • Struan Robertson's salute
  • The airy plover of the heath
  • The Boatman
  • Mc.Kinnon Corry
  • Love song
  • Fingal’s weeping
  • Each ailment but love
  • Though I am tocherless
  • The village Lads or: The bride is a bonnie thing
  • The drover lads
  • Lads in the kilt
  • The poor herdboy
  • The sword dance
  • Gin I had a bonnie lassie
  • Glendaruel
  • Glengarry’s march
  • Happy may I see thee
  • I am in Sorrow
  • Love song
  • You are my pretty auburn maid
  • I love the girl
  • He's o'er the hills that I lo’e weel
  • Hey Johnny Cope Highland Rory
  • A Skye air
  • The Emigrant’s adieu
  • Black Mary
  • My boon companion
  • My pretty auburn haired maid
  • The dairymaid’s lullaby
  • John Campbell of the Bank
  • John Mc.Kinnon
  • Clan Ranald’s boat song
  • The Emigrants
  • The Brown Maid
  • Joy gae wi' my love
  • Kinrara
  • Lady Margaret Stewart
  • Lament for Mary Queen of Scots
  • Lament for Ruaridh Mor Mc.Leod
  • Lewie Gordon
  • Locheil's awn to France
  • Locheil's farewell to Isla
  • Logan’s bonnie woods and braes
  • Lord Lovat's lament
  • Lord Panmure's march
  • Mac Gregor's search
  • Macgregor of Roro.
  • This is an example of the contents - there are 150 more tunes besides the titles given