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The Better o' a Sang (book)

Songs, tunes and life stories from Jim Reid the well known Angus folk singer whose music evokes the romance and humour of the North East of Scotland. Reels, jigs, pipe marches and songs written and collected over a lifetime with the stories that go with them.

The book Includes 75 of Jim Reid's most popular songs such as The Wild Geese and other favourites from his repertoire. A CD of Jim's music is also available - Yont the Tay.

Song lyrics, poems, melody lines and photographs.


Scots song
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Strathspey, Waltz
Staff notation
Jim Reid
Book format:
Ceilidh, Hogmanay

Table of contents

  • The Better o’ A Sang
  • The Foondry Band
  • Grant Farquharson of Inveravon
  • Bella and Roy
  • Jim Reid of Letham
  • Fergie’s Isla
  • The Isla Watcher
  • Stewarts of Blair
  • Auchmithie
  • Loch Duich
  • Rumness
  • Doonwind o’ Bogheid
  • Auchmithie Cliffs
  • C. Stewart of North Lodge
  • The Auld Beech Tree
  • Craw Craw Heedrum Ha
  • Turin
  • Lour and Lownie O’
  • The Taysiders
  • Adam’s "Loch Lomond"
  • Charlie’s version -"The Wedding o’ MacPhee"
  • The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond
  • The Spark Amang the Heather
  • The Poli’ Folly
  • Eh’m Fae Dundee
  • Catherine Street
  • Whar the Dichty Rins
  • And We Didn’t Know
  • The Stobbie Parliament Picnic
  • The Dixie Fu’ O’ Beans
  • The Vinney Den
  • The Wild Geese
  • Rohallion
  • Faur -Ye- Weel
  • Tinkers Baloo
  • Halloween
  • The Wise Like Chap
  • The Greylag Geese
  • The Tramp to the Tattie-dulie
  • Back in Time
  • Marag Cnocach
  • Archie’s Caravan
  • Expert Angler
  • The Deein’ Stag
  • I Canna Find the Thyme
  • Freewheelin’ Now
  • The Foundry Band
  • James and Dinah’s Diamond Waltz
  • Welcome to the Glen
  • Back in Scotland
  • Another World
  • Linda A. Reid
  • Craig D. Reid
  • For the Love of my Country
  • Jamie Reid
  • The Laird o’ Pitmuies
  • The Den o’ Aldbar
  • Auld Ballumbie
  • Who said "The Times are a’ Changin’" Stravaigin
  • Isle of Mull
  • The Winds of Tiree
  • The Moothie Man
  • Fly Again
  • An Ordinary Genius
  • No Indespensable Man
  • The Road to Nowhere
  • We Span the Sea
  • The Constant Flow Pump
  • I Talk to the Trees
  • It took you Long Enough
  • Three Words
  • Music on His Mind
  • The Guiding Lights
  • Scots Wha Hae
  • It’s Been Fun