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Fourth Ceilidh Collection for Fiddlers (book)

A lively collection of great Scottish, Irish and Canadian tunes to add variety to your sets! The four books in the series "The Ceilidh Collection for Fiddlers" have been best sellers in Scotland for more than 20 years with all ages and stages of fiddle players - a testimony to the great Scottish music contained in them.

This volume contains some tunes which use more complex rhythms, bowings and the keys up to three flats but most of the tunes are in A, D or G. Another stunning collection of popular tunes for ceilidh dancing and solo performances.


Accordion, Fiddle, Mandolin, Scottish Dance
Book format:
Anne Hughes, Christine Martin
Bowing, Chords, Staff notation
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Gaelic waltz, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Polka, Reel, Strathspey, Waltz
Beginners / Intermediate
Anne Hughes, Christine Martin

Table of contents

  • A Health to the Ladies
  • A' Mhaighdean Mhara
  • An Cluinn thu mi
  • mo nighean
  • Back o Bennachie
  • Bill Sullivans
  • The Black Bear
  • Bonnie Wee Jeanie McColl
  • The Boston Burglar
  • Buffalo Girls
  • Cathkin Braes
  • Cherish the Ladies
  • Clean Pea Strae
  • Come O'er the Stream
  • Charlie
  • Còta mòr Ealasaid
  • The Crusader's March
  • Da Slockit Light
  • Dear Old Donegal
  • The Duke of Perth
  • Duncan Gray
  • Dunnydeer
  • Eilean mo Ghaoil
  • Filoro
  • Flower of Scotland
  • The Galloway Hills
  • Garden where the Praties Grow
  • Ger the Rigger
  • Girl with the Blue Dress on
  • Glenburnie Rant
  • Glencoe
  • Glengarry's March
  • Golden Slippers
  • Hare among the Corn
  • The Heather Hills
  • The Heights of Alma
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Highland Whisky
  • The Hopeful Lover
  • If You're Irish
  • Irish Rover
  • Island Spinning Song
  • Jaybird
  • Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy
  • Jenny Nettles
  • John Anderson my Jo
  • John McAlpine
  • Kelly of Killan
  • Killiecrankie
  • Kinclaven Brig
  • La Grande Chaine
  • Leaving of Liverpool
  • Let's have a ceilidh
  • Liberty
  • Liverpool Hornpipe
  • Lord Saltoun
  • Maclean's Welcome
  • Mangister Voe
  • Maxwell's Rant
  • Mrs Macpherson of Cluny
  • 'S i Morag a rinn a' Bhanais
  • Murdo's Wedding
  • My Big Kilmarnock Bunnet
  • Neil Gow's Strathspey
  • Nelson's Hornpipe
  • New Castle Bridge
  • Nicky Tams
  • O' a the airts
  • Piper's Paradise
  • Prince Charlie's Welcome
  • The Rope Waltz
  • The Sailor's Hornpipe
  • Smith's a Gallant Fireman
  • Soraidh
  • Stack of Wheat
  • The Starry Nights of Shetland
  • There Cam a Young Man
  • Tripping up the Stairs
  • The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede
  • Whisky in the Jar
  • The Wild Colonial boy
  • Willie Brew'd a Peck o' Maut
  • With a Shellalagh under me arm
  • You're Welcome Charlie Stewart


“The Ceilidh Collection has over eighty tunes arranged by type, and here is its real strength: if you’re playing at a ceilidh, what you want is a set of tunes suited to the next dance, and you want them quickly - mustn’t keep the dancers waiting. Well, using this book, you just turn to the page and away you go. It’s not just that the tunes are arranged by jigs, reels waltzes or whatever, but they are also arranged by dance.”

John Moar - Orkney View Magazine

“For anyone staring out in the business of playing for dancers, the Ceilidh Collection is ideal. It has all the old favourites, and a few newer ones for interest. It has nearly all the dances which are usually performed, and a few titbits, like the set for Burns Nigh and some airs. Nor is it just for fiddlers, because everything is chorded. A thoroughly worthwhile publication.”

John Moar - Orkney View Magazine


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