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The McKerrell / MacDonald Collection of Bagpipe Music (book)

The McKerrell/MacDonald Collection of Bagpipe Music Book Pipers and piping scholars Simon McKerrell and Finlay MacDonald offer 50 contemporary compositions in this great collection. The pipe tunes in this collaborative collection were influenced by both pipe band participation and involvement in Celtic music groups. Interesting new tunes from various piping albums with lots of reels, jigs, and hornpipes.

Finlay MacDonald is one of Scotland's rising stars. He was the face of Glasgow's popular "Piping Hot!" festival and has appeared on the ever-popular Hogmany Show for BBC Television. Having specialised in performance and composing at RSAMD he has been in demand as a performer and has toured with top Scottish Bands such as Deaf Shepherd, Battlefield Band, Old Blind Dogs and the Kate Rusby Band. Finlay fronts his own band and with them he has recorded and toured all over the UK and Europe.

Simon McKerrell has toured around the world and performed on BBC Radio a number of times. He was awarded the Seumas MacNeill Scholarship from the College of Piping in 1999 and has played with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Performing Arts Orchestra of England. For several years he was a member of award-winning folk band Back of the Moon with whom he recorded two albums. Simon enjoys composing pipe tunes and other melodies and teaches at National Piping Centre in Glasgow.


Bagpipe/small pipes
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Hornpipe, Jig, March, Reel, Strathspey
Bagpipe notation
Finlay MacDonald, Simon McKerrel
Book format:
A4 Landscape
Ceilidh, Hogmanay

Table of contents

  • Abdul's
  • The Killoch Glen
  • Alastair's Vintage Bar
  • Lauren McCowen's Reel
  • Armadale Stree
  • 8 o'clock...sherp!
  • Lord William of Gryffe
  • Armstrong's
  • The Manchester Hornpipe
  • Back to Bergamo
  • Mark McKerrell
  • The Border Boys McKerrell's
  • Carnan
  • McKerrell's Fancy
  • The Cherrygrove & District Pipes... The Mechans
  • Christian Cloete's Welcome to Glasgow
  • Miss Fiona Manson Colin MacLellan of Edinburgh
  • Nigel Richard's
  • Died and Gone to Prague
  • The Real Banda de Gaita's Welcome...
  • Double Dose of Bowes!
  • Roddy MacAuley's
  • The Dougster
  • Sandy Watson's
  • Dr. Freda Scott-Park
  • President BSAVA
  • Simon McKerrell's Compliments to Fiona...
  • Dr. Mike Paterson
  • Strakonice
  • The Fast Jig
  • Stuart Letford
  • The Flood on the Home
  • The Sunday Club
  • Gillian Frame's
  • Taighnadonn
  • The Grand Central Jig
  • The Tartan Rocket
  • Hararin hachum
  • The
  • Tattoo Guests
  • High and Dry
  • Thornwood
  • Jenna Reid's
  • Time out in the Gap
  • Joe MacAuley's
  • More time out in the Gap
  • Keogh's Peshwari
  • Tommy Elder's
  • Kevin MacKenzie
  • White Heather Cottage. 52pp