Dr William Lamb (biography)

Will Lamb is a Lecturer in Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to being well-known for his work in Gaelic linguistics and ethnology, Will is an accomplished musician, who has collaborated with many of Scotland and Ireland's top musicians as an accompanist and recording engineer (e.g. Mhairi Hall, Dónal Lunny, Anna Wendy Stevenson, Dàimh, Fred Morrison, Iain MacDonald and Matheu Watson). He was also the designer and course leader behind the popular Gaelic and traditional music programme at Lews Castle College Benbecula, which he ran for ten years. His publications include Scottish Gaelic Speech and Writing (2008) and Keith Norman MacDonaldʼs Puirt-ŕ- Beul: The Vocal Dance Music of the Scottish Gaels (2012). Recently, Will made front-page news for his work on the origins of the strathspey, which developed out of his research for Puirt-ŕ- Beul.

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