Neil Campbell (Macbeat) (biography)

Neil Campbell comes from the Isle of Skye and was playing guitar in local bands from the age of 13. He left Skye in 1968 to play full time in Edinburgh with various bands and played the pub club and university circuit before he moved to London around 1970.
Neil played professionally till 1976 when he returned to Scotland and to Glasgow University to study Architecture. He has worked in music on a part-time basis ever since in various bands . Genres = Jazz - Blues - Trad .
Neil Composes in all 3 genres.
He returned to Skye in the late 80s and has been here ever since working mainly in Architecture with music as an ongoing interest. Neil teaches pupils on guitar and has done many successful school workshops and this led him to produce the Guitar Classic books for the Feis movement to provide lovely Gaelic airs for guitar learners.

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