Tail Toddle (lyrics)

This bawdy song uses the melody of the same name. Lasses gars your TailsToddle is the title of this song in the Skene manuscript of 1715.
This is the last song in a Scots dance set that Christine Kydd has put together,though each song stands on its own merrit as well as in this set and is great funto learn. The tune is a very popular on fiddle and accordion and a good goingreel.

Tail toddle tail toddle Tammy gars ma tail toddle
But an ben wi diddle doddle, Tammy gars ma tail toddle.

Oor guidwife held ower tae Fife for tae buy a coal riddle
Lang ere she cam back again, Tammy gars ma tail toddle.

Jessie Mack she gied a plaque, Helen Wallace gied a boddle
Quo the bride “It’s ower little for tae mend a broken doddle.”

Twain twain made the bed twain twain lay thegither
When the bed began tae heat the yin lae in abeen the tither.

When I’m deed ah’m oot o date when I’m seek ah’m fu o trouble
When I’m weel a stap aboot an’ Tammy gars ma tail toddle.

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