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The Malcolm McDonald Collection (book)

Malcolm McDonald lived around Dunkeld in the 18th century and was a contemporary of Niel Gow. It is said he played the cello for Niel Gow after the death of Niel's brother. Little is known of his personal life and he left only his collection of music to represent his talent. Many of the tunes are said to be his own compositions but it is known that some, especially after the first volume, were composed by others.

The four collections were originally only available as single volumes and as they were printed first in 1788 access to them has always been limited to libraries or private collections. Fiddle researchers and players looking for interesting new material will find this a fascinating book. Taigh na Teud has now made them available in one volume which contains over 130 fascinating tunes.


Accordion, Fiddle, Mandolin
Tune Types:
Jig, Reel, Slow strathspey, Strathspey
Staff notation
Malcolm MacDonald
Book format:
1788 - reprinted in 2002

Table of contents

  • Abercairney House
  • Callam’s Frollock
  • Capt. Campbell of Carphen’s
  • Capt Charles Stewart’s Jigg
  • Capt. David Stewart 42nd HighlandersReel
  • Capt. McDuff’s Farewell to the Paliament House
  • Col. Mercer of Aldie’s
  • Colbeck House
  • Colonel McDonald of Lochgarie’s
  • Colonel Robertson of Lawers Strathspey
  • Countess of Breadalbane’s Favorite Strathspey
  • Countess of Breadalbane’s Reel
  • Delvin House
  • Dr John McLagan’s Strathspey
  • Drummchary House
  • Earl of Bradalbane’s Birth Day
  • Earl of Elgen’s
  • Foneastelle House
  • Fortingall Fairs
  • Gairth House
  • General Campbell of Monzies Welcome Home
  • Glenlyon House
  • Greenend Park
  • Hon. Capt. Maitland’s
  • If I had a boney lass little slep would sair me
  • Inch of Garth
  • John in the Neither Mains
  • Lady Amelia Murray’s Reel
  • Lady Ann Maitland’s Reel
  • Lady Augustus Murray of Auchtertyre
  • Lady Baird’s Reel
  • Lady Charlott Murray’s Reel
  • Lady Charlotte Menzies Reel
  • Lady Down’s Reel
  • Lady Hampden’s Strathspey
  • Lady Lauder Dick’s Jigg
  • Lady Madelina Sinclair’s Reel
  • Lady Susan Stewart’s
  • Lawers House
  • Lochness Side
  • Lord Airly’s Reel
  • Lord Banff’s Strathspey
  • Lord Breadalbane’s Delight
  • Lord Down’s Strathspey
  • Lord Glenorcha’s Strathspey
  • Lord MacDonald’s Reel
  • Lord Robt. Murray’s
  • Miss Ann Bissett Logierait
  • Miss Anny Sewart Bohally’s Reel
  • Miss Bissett Logierait’s Reel
  • Miss Campbell Lochend’s Reel
  • Miss Campbell of Monzie’s Strathspey
  • Miss Chartere’s Reel
  • Miss Chirsty Stewart’s Reel
  • Miss Clemintina Stewart’s Reel
  • Miss Clemintina Stewart of Garth’s Jigg
  • Miss Clementina Stewart’s Jigg
  • Miss Clementina Stewart’s Reel
  • Miss Cochran Mercer Reel
  • Miss Douglas of Brigton’s Strathspey
  • Miss Drummond Megginsh’s Strathspey
  • Miss Drummond of Perth’s Favorite Scots Measure
  • Miss Drummond of Perth’s Reel
  • Miss Duff of Fetteresso’s Strathspey
  • Miss Elders
  • Miss Farquerson of Invercalds Jigg
  • Miss Ferguson of Raith’s
  • Miss Graham of Orchill’s Reel
  • Miss Graham of Orchill’s Strathspey
  • Miss Graham’s Delight
  • Miss Grant of Kinaird’s Reel
  • Miss Haldan Gleneagles
  • Miss Jeann Stewart of Bohally’s Reel
  • Miss Jessie Stewart of Garth
  • Miss Jessy Stewart’s Jigg
  • Miss Jessy Stewart’s Strathspey
  • Miss Johnston’s Reel
  • Miss MacLean of Inversccadles Reel
  • Miss McLeod of Colbeck’s Strathspey
  • Miss Menzies of Culdars Reel
  • Miss Moneypenny of Pitmilty’s Reel
  • Miss Montgomerie of Skelmorlies
  • Miss Murray of Abercarney’s Reel
  • Miss Oustein’s Strathspey
  • Miss Ranken’s Reel
  • Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth
  • Miss Stewart of Garth’s Reel
  • Miss Susanna Baird’s Reel
  • Miss Wemys of Wemys’s Scots Measure
  • Miss Williamson of Polmont’s Reel
  • Miss Williamson’s Strathspey
  • Money in Both Pockets
  • Morpeth Rant
  • Mr Baird of Newbyth’s Jigg
  • Mr Baird of Newbyth’s Reel
  • Mr Campbell of Glenlyon’s Reel
  • Mr Campbell of Kinloch
  • Mr Campbell younger of Craignich’s Reel
  • Mr David Stewart’s Reel
  • Mr Drummond of Perth’s Strathspey
  • Mr G. Douglass of Tiliwhilly’s Strathspey
  • Mr Grant of Kinnaird’s Reel
  • Mr Grant of Pitnacree’s Strathspey
  • Mr Hamlton of Wishaw’s Reel
  • Mr John Stewart’s Reel
  • Mr Livingston of Park-hall’s Strathspey
  • Mr Lumsdell of Blenairns Strathspey
  • Mr MacKay’s Reel
  • Mr Murray of Siprims Favorite
  • Mr Stewart of Balechin’s Strathspey
  • Mr Stewart of Dalguise
  • Mr Stewart Oliphant of Rossies Reel
  • Mr William Stewart’s Strathspey
  • Mrs Baird Hill’s Reel
  • Mrs Baird of Newbyth’s Strathspey
  • Mrs Baird of Newbyth’s Jigg
  • Mr David Stewart’s Favorite
  • Mrs Dr. Stewart’s Reel
  • Mrs Duncan’s Reel
  • Mrs General Maxwell of Park Hills Reel
  • Mrs Graham of Orchill’s
  • Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw’s
  • Mrs Jas. Campbell’s Reel
  • Mrs Laird of Strickmerten’s Favorite
  • Mrs Landle’s Delight
  • Mrs McLeod of Colbeck’s Strathspey
  • Mrs Muir Mackenzie’s Delight
  • Mrs Muir Mackenzie’s Fancie
  • Mrs Muir Mackenzie’s Reel
  • Mrs Murray of Abercarny
  • Mrs Robertson of Lawers
  • Mrs Robertson of Lawers Delight
  • Mrs Robertson of Lawers Reel
  • Mrs Stewart Frenich of Foss
  • Mrs Stewart Kynnachans Strathspey
  • Mrs Stewart Menzies of Culdars Reel
  • Mrs Tulloh’s Jig
  • Newbyth House
  • Orchill’s Delight
  • Perth Races
  • Short Life to all Stepmothers
  • Taymouth Harmitage
  • Taynadaloch House
  • The Bridge of Lyon
  • The Hon. Mrs Drummond of Perth’s Delight
  • The Marquess of Tweeddale’s
  • The Marquis of Huntly’s Welcome to the Royal Highlanders
  • The Mirry Night at Tumble Bridge
  • The Recovery
  • The Right Hon. Earle of Breadalbine’s Strathspey
  • The Thussel Lodge
  • Wha can help it
  • Yester House


“All fiddlers will like this book.”

Charlie Gore, The Scottish Fiddlers’ Calendar

“We’ve played through a substantial chunk of this book, and we’re really enjoying it. There are some great tunes, some of which are deserving of restoration to the repertoire.”

Charlie Gore, The Scottish Fiddlers’ Calendar


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