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Ho-ro-gheallaidh Session Tunes for Scottish Fiddlers Volume 1 (book)

Over 80 Scottish, Irish & Cape Breton tunes popular at sessions throughout Scotland. Contain many of the best tunes to be found in Scotland today and are an essential addition to the more advanced fiddlers' (and other instrumentalists') Scottish repertoire.

Many of the tunes such as Willafjord, Da New Rigged Ship, Scarce o' Tatties, Louis Waltz, Brenda Stubberts, Moving Cloud, Jeans Reel etc. are those recorded on albums by such fiddle masters as Aly Bain and Alasdair Fraser.


Accordion, Fiddle, Mandolin, Whistle
Tune Types:
Hornpipe, Jig, Reel, Shetland reel
Ceilidh, Hogmanay, St Andrew's Night
Bowing, Chords, Staff notation
Anne Hughes, Christine Martin
Scottish, Irish, Shetland
Book format:
Anne Hughes, Christine Martin

Table of contents

  • Aandowin at da bow
  • Andy Dejarlis jig
  • The Apple tree
  • Archie Menzies
  • Birkhall
  • Bonnie Isle o' Whalsey
  • Brenda Stubbert's reel
  • The Bungalow
  • Calliope House
  • Calum Donaldson
  • Chief o' Neills favourite
  • The Clumsy lover
  • Colonel Rodney
  • Cran Hill
  • Da forfeit o' da ship
  • Da full rigged ship
  • Da mirrie boys o' Greenland
  • Da new rigged ship
  • Donald Blue
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
  • The Fairy dance
  • The Firefly
  • Fisher's hornpipe
  • The Foxhunters jig
  • Garfield's hornpipe
  • Gladstone
  • Glen Ogle
  • Gordon's favourite
  • Gravel Walk
  • The Gypsies
  • The Hamilton rant
  • The High level hornpipe
  • The High reel
  • The Humours of Glendart
  • Inver Lasses
  • Jack broke da prison door
  • Jackie Coleman's reel
  • Jean's reel
  • Jenny dang the weaver
  • Jenny's chickens
  • Jim Anderson's delight
  • John Spence of Uyeasound
  • The Kid on the mountain
  • Lady Montgomery
  • The Lark in the morning
  • Lasses trust in providence
  • Loch Leven Castle
  • Lord Macdonald
  • Louis' Waltz
  • Lynne's reel
  • The Maid behind the bar
  • The Mason's apron
  • The Merry blacksmith
  • Mickie Ainsworth
  • Millbrae
  • Miss Lyall (strathspey)
  • Miss Lyall (reel)
  • Miss Shepherd
  • Miss Susan Cooper
  • Morrison's jig
  • Moving Cloud
  • The New high level
  • The Nine points of roguery
  • The Old grey cat
  • Out on the ocean
  • Pretty Peg
  • The Quarrelsome piper
  • The Reconciliation
  • The Red ferret's fancy
  • Repeal the poll tax
  • The Rights of man
  • Robbie Murdoch
  • Sally gardens
  • The Saratoga hornpipe
  • Scarce o' tatties
  • Sheep shanks
  • Ships are sailing
  • Sir David Davidson of Cantray
  • Sleep soond in da mornin
  • Sleepy Maggie
  • The Spey in spate
  • St Anne's reel
  • The Tenpenny bit
  • Trip to Windsor
  • The Tuskar
  • Willafjord
  • The Wind that shakes the barley



I'm having a lovely evening playing through Book 1 of Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh. I have all the Ho-Ro's and Fiddle Music of the Scottish Highlands, and over here in Brooklyn NY, they're all just such a wonderful resource for the ongoing session we are running at Iona , a pub in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work in putting them together and how appreciated they are by me and our group.

Thanks and best wishes

Karen Brown