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Over The Hills and Far Away (book)

This is a very interesting collection of music for Lowland and Border Bagpipes but also for other melody instruments.

Over The Hills And Far Away is more than a collection of Border pipe tunes it is a selection of interesting tunes taken from the repertoires of bagpipes and fiddles in the Borders and many of the versions are not commonly played today.

Ideal for those looking to explore lesser known old versions of tunes and interesting to look at variations on the tunes too.


Bagpipe/small pipes, Fiddle
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Jig, Listening tune, Long variation, Reel
Ceilidh, Hogmanay, St Andrew's Night, Weddings
Staff notation
Dragonfly Music
Book format:
Matt Seattle

Table of contents

  • Airs (with Variations)
  • The Wild Hills O’ Wannies
  • The Gallowa Hills
  • Gillan Na Drover
  • The Bonny Pit Lad
  • Now Westlin Winds
  • Johnny Faa
  • Jigs
  • Holy Halfpenny [I]
  • Holy Halfpenny [II]
  • Green Bracken
  • Small Drink Won’t Comfort Me
  • Elsie Marley
  • The Lad That Keeps The Cattle
  • The Bonny Pit Lad
  • The Hills O’ Glenorchy
  • Gallowa Tam
  • Slip jigs
  • (Old) Drops of Brandy
  • The Highway To Jedburgh
  • Kelso Lasses
  • The Wedding O’ Blyth
  • The New Way To Rothbury
  • Triple-time Hornpipes
  • All The Night I Lay With Jackey In My Arms
  • Wee Willie Gray - or - Rusty Gulley
  • The Bonny Miller
  • Buy Broom Besoms
  • Buy Broom Buzzems
  • Reels and Rants
  • More For Beauty Than Gear
  • Me Lad’s Ower Bonny For The Coal Trade
  • I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toun
  • Jenny Dang The Weaver - or - Musselburgh
  • Mr Salvin’s Reel
  • The Wood Of Fyvie with Variations
  • The Wood Of Fyvie
  • Wattie Laing
  • Such A Wife As Willy Had [I]
  • Such A Wife As Willy Had [II]
  • Sic A Wife As Willie Had
  • Linkumdoddie - or - Blue Britches
  • The Oyster Wife’s Rant
  • Ratho Fair
  • Minuet
  • Minuet by Mr McGibbon
  • Scots Measures
  • The Leith Scots Measure - or - Till The Tide Comes In
  • O’er The Hills And Far Awa