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Geordie Syme's Paircel o Tunes (book)

This book contains a very interesting collection of old tunes suitable for not just pipes, but fiddles and harps and other melody instruments to explore. The book is the result of many years research by Matt Seattle of Dragonfly Music. Geordie Syme lived in the middle of the eighteenth century and was "the best piper of his time" in the Borders of Scotland.

The tunes in the book often present versions of the same tune from different manuscripts and sources and invite you to look at playing some of these well known and not so well known melodies in a different way - often with variations added. A really interesting collection of old Border tunes to explore.

We have put together a collection of music which we believe will do justice to Geordie Syme's reputation while at the same time challenging today’s pipers, fiddlers and other melody players to expand their repertoire and to deepen their understanding of this music.

Geordie Syme’s Paircel o Tunes is a 200-page book containing 173 tunes - some long, some short and ranging from easy to challenging.


Bagpipe/small pipes, Fiddle
Tune Types:
Air, Dance tunes, Hornpipe, Jig, Listening tune, Long variation
Ceilidh, Christmas, Hogmanay, St Andrew's Night, Weddings
Staff notation
Dragonfly Music
Book format:
Matt Seattle

Table of contents

  • 20 Airs and miscellaneous tunes
  • 15 Rants and Measures
  • 16 Minuets
  • 10 Triple-time Hornpipes
  • 42 Jigs (6/8 and 6/4, i.e. dancing / listening)
  • 14 Slip jigs
  • 51 Reels
  • 5 Variation Suites
  • Plus Introduction, Illustrations, References and Notes.
  • TUNES (including some alternative titles):
  • A, Ha, Jamie Lad Ald Ga’d Aver
  • An Ye Had Been Whaur I Hae Been, Ye Wad Na Been Sae Cantie
  • Auld Age And Young Ne’er Grees Thegither
  • Auld East Nook o’ Fife
  • Back O’ The Change-hoose
  • Bellisle Reel
  • Bernard’s Well
  • Berwick Billy
  • Bob O’ Dunblane
  • Bonny Lass O’ Livingston
  • Braw, Braw Lads O’ Gala Water
  • Breeches Loose
  • Bride Has A Bonny Thing
  • Bride Has A Bonny Thing (Oswald)
  • Bridge Of Perth
  • Bung Your Eye
  • Butter’d Peas
  • Ca’ The Yowes Tae The Knowes
  • Captain Mackenzie’s Reel
  • Carnagie’s Jig
  • Cauld Kail In Aberdeen
  • Charlie And His Trousers On
  • Christmas Is Coming
  • Claw Her Wame
  • Come Ashore Jolly Tar & Your Trousers On
  • Come Plenty Or Come Poverty, Laddie I’ll Never Leave Thee
  • Corn Riggs Are Bonny
  • Countess Of Kilmarnock’s Minuet
  • Cuddie’s Wedding
  • Dalkeith Fair
  • Daniel Wright’s Hornpipe
  • Doun Tweedside
  • Drummer
  • Drummore’s Reel
  • Drunken Sailor Duns Dings A’
  • East Noock Of Fife (Crockat)
  • Eppie McKnab
  • Fairing
  • Fairlie Shott Of Hir (Crockat)
  • Fairly Shot Of It
  • Fairly Shott Off Her (McLachland)
  • Fill The Stoup & Had It Clinking
  • Flaggon
  • Flowers Of The Forest
  • Follow Her O’er The Border (Armestrong)
  • Fox
  • Fresh Fish On Friday
  • Fy Gar Rub Her O’er Wi Strae
  • Gallowa Tam
  • Geld Him, Lasses
  • Go To Berwick, Johnnie
  • Good Night And Joy Be Wi’ Ye A’
  • Green Grows The Rashes
  • Had Awa Hame
  • Hardington House
  • Hare Amang The Corn
  • Hasty Made Wedding
  • Hey My Nanny
  • Hey To Berwick
  • Hit Her On the Bum If She Comes Near You
  • Hoop Her And Gird Her
  • Hopetoun House
  • Horse And Away To Newmarket
  • Humours Of Westmeath
  • I Hae A Wife O’ My Ain
  • I Love A Bonny Lass
  • I Love My Love For She Loves Me
  • I Love My Love In Secret
  • I Was No’ Kist Sin’ Martinmas
  • If Ye Kiss My Wife, I’ll Tell The Minister
  • I’ll Follow Her O’er The Border
  • I’ll Hae Her Awa In Spite O Her Minnie
  • It’s Braw To Be Married A Maiden
  • Jack In The West
  • Jack Lattin
  • Jack’s Gone A-Shearing
  • Jamie’s Reel
  • Jink About
  • Jockey’s Fou And Jenny’s Fain John Anderson, My Jo
  • John Paterson’s Mare
  • Johnnie Cope
  • Johnnie’s Made A Waddin O’t
  • Johnny Lad
  • King Of France
  • Kirkliston Lasses Lads O’ Duns
  • Lads Of Our Alley
  • Lads Of Saltcoats
  • Lady Betty Boyle’s Minuet
  • Lady Betty Erskine’s Minuet
  • Lady Betty Macfarlane’s Minuet
  • Lady McIntosh’s Reel
  • Lady’s Delight Lady’s Play Thing
  • Laird O’ Cockpen
  • Lass O’ Livingston
  • Lass Of The Mill
  • Lasses Likes Nae Brandy
  • Lawers House
  • Let Me In This Ae Night
  • Logan Water
  • Logan Watter (Crockat)
  • Lumps Of Puddings
  • Maggie Lauder
  • Marquis Of Tullibardine
  • Martinmas Last
  • Mary Scott, The Flower Of Yarrow
  • Mary Scott’s Reel
  • Meggy’s Foot
  • Merrily Danc’d the Quaker
  • Merry Lads Of Ayr
  • Mill, Mill, O!
  • Minuet by Vanhall
  • Miss Betty Gray Of Cockburn’s Reel
  • Miss Callander’s Minuet
  • Miss Campbell’s Minuet
  • Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
  • Miss Fraser’s Reel
  • Miss Henderson’s Minuet
  • Miss Jenny Wedderburn’s Reel
  • Miss Peggy Hay’s Reel
  • Miss Peggy Montgomerie’s Hornpipe
  • Miss Pringle’s Minuet
  • Miss Scott’s Minuet
  • Miss Swinton’s Minuet
  • Mr Brysson’s Minuet
  • Mr Dundas’ Minuet
  • Mr Kennedy’s Reel
  • Mr Nisbet’s Reel
  • Mrs Livingston’s Minuet
  • Mrs Sutton’s Minuet
  • Montgomerie’s Maggot
  • My Daddy’s A Delver Of Dykes
  • My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing
  • Nine Nights Away Welcome Hame My Dearie
  • Niven’s Scots Measure
  • Noble Squire Dacre Comes
  • Over The Border
  • O’er Bogie
  • O’er The Dyke
  • O’er The Hills For A’ That
  • Old Davie
  • Old Sir Symon The King
  • Over The Hills And Away To Newbigging
  • Petticoats Loose Portpatrick
  • Priest In His Boots
  • Queen Mary’s Scots Measure
  • Ragged Sailor (Crockat)
  • Ranting Highlandman
  • Rattlin Roarin Willie
  • Real Air of Chevy Chace
  • Reel Of The Mearns
  • Rugged Sailor (Atkinson)
  • Sandy O’er The Lee
  • Savoy Minuet
  • Saw Ye My Love Maggie Linkin Ower The Lea?
  • Shamboe Breeches
  • Shantruse
  • Sherriffmuir
  • Sir Patrick Spence
  • Sleepy Body
  • Sour Plums O Galashiels
  • Souters Of Selkirk
  • Stool Of Repentance
  • Strong Beer
  • Stumpie
  • Sweet Molly
  • Symon Brodie
  • Tail Toddle
  • Tullochgorum
  • Tweedsyde
  • Up Wi’t Aily, Aily
  • Wanton Towdie
  • Wantonness For Ever Mair
  • We Were All Kisst Yestreen
  • Weel Bobbit Blanche O’ Middlebie
  • Weell’s Me I Getten Shott On Her (Atkinson)
  • Welcome Hame My Dearie
  • Welcome Hame My Dearie
  • We’ll Aall Be Wed In Wor Aad Claes
  • We’ll Go No More To Harriegate
  • We’re A’ Forsaken For Want O Siller
  • What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi An Auld Man?
  • When She Cam Ben She Bobbit
  • White Cockade
  • Wild Irish Man, The
  • Will Ye Go And Marry, Katie?
  • Willie Henderson’s Reel Woo’d An Married An A’ Wrights
  • Ye Banks And Braes O Bonnie Doon
  • Ye’ve Been Lang Awa, Welcome Hame
  • You Are Welcome To Bervie