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The Simon Fraser Collection (book)

The Simon Fraser Collection brings together the Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles from 1715 to 1745. Many of the over 240 Airs in this book are Captain Fraser's instrumental settings of Gaelic songs derived from the singing of his father, grandfather and their acquaintances. Other tunes are a mixture of traditional and newly composed strathspeys, reels and jigs from this time period.

The music in this book is especially written for those who play the piano, harp, organ and fiddle. People interested in this type of music will be aware of the Simon Fraser Collection due to the history that it is part of. The product has been unavailable for years, which makes it a very popular item now it is in print.


Fiddle, Harp
Tune Types:
Air, Jig, Reel, Slow strathspey, Strathspey
Staff notation
Simon Fraser
Book format:
Original print date 1874

Table of contents

  • Air to which Ossian is Recited
  • Ancient Barons of Kilravovock
  • Ancient Sports of the Glen
  • Annie is my Darling
  • Any Privation but This
  • As a Thoiseach
  • Ba-ba my Baby
  • Balquidder
  • Banks of Loch Ness
  • Battle of Kinloch Lochy
  • Beaufort Castle
  • Beauty Charming Young and Fair
  • Beauty of the North
  • Bedding of the Bride
  • Belladrum House
  • Belted Plaid and Health to Wear It
  • Be Off MacIntosh
  • Blackhaired Nymph Forsake me Not
  • Boatman
  • Bonfire
  • Braes of Lochiel
  • Cairgorm Mountain
  • Caledonia's Wail
  • Catch and Kiss the Romp
  • Cease Not to Row Brave Lads
  • Cheerful Mary
  • Chiefton's Lament
  • Chisholm
  • Clanranald
  • Cock of the North
  • Come Along and Keep Your Promise
  • Corrimony
  • Cottage adjoining the Fall
  • Cow Boy
  • Crossing to Ireland
  • Cross of Inverness
  • Culloden Day
  • Dairy Maid
  • Dairyman's Daughter
  • Darling
  • Darling of the Uist Lasses
  • Dawted Mary
  • Death of My friend
  • Deil tak' the Breeks
  • Dram Shell
  • Driving the Steers
  • Duncan MacQueen
  • Dunmaglass
  • Dunrobin Castle
  • Each Ailment but Love
  • Editor's Thanks to Nathaniel Gow
  • Emigrant's Adieu
  • Ewie with the Crooked Horn
  • Fall of Foyers
  • Fair Fa the Minstrel
  • Farewell Darling Youth
  • Fashion That the Lassies Have
  • Favorite Dram
  • Feet Washing
  • Ferrintosh
  • Fingalian Air
  • Fire Cross Song
  • Flora MacDonald's Adieu to the Prince
  • Forest Where the Deer Resort
  • Fraser Arms
  • Glen of Copsewood
  • Glengarry
  • Glengarry's Foxhunters
  • Glenmoriston
  • Gloom on my Soul
  • Goat Pen
  • Golden Locks
  • Goodwife Admit the Wanderer
  • Gorthlick's Highland Plaid
  • Grant of Sheuglie's Contest
  • Great Glen of Scotland
  • Haggis
  • Hamlet Where My Lover Dwells
  • Hard is My Fate
  • Hawthorn Tree of Cawdor
  • Hereditary Hall of MacLeod
  • Hero Never Dies
  • High Road to Fort Augustus
  • Highland Bumpkin
  • Highland Dress and Armour
  • Highland Road to Inverness
  • Highland Socitey of Scotland
  • Highland Troup
  • Highlands of Banffshire
  • Hogmanay
  • How Can We Abstain from Whiskey
  • How Melancholy am I
  • Huntley's Wedding Medley
  • Hymn to the Saviour
  • I am Asleep
  • I Can't Conceal that I Prefer You
  • I Care for Nothing Now
  • I'll Break Your Head for You
  • I'll Kiss the Bonnie Lassie Oh!
  • In Dispraise of Whiskey
  • Inverary Castle
  • Inverness Lasses
  • Isle of Aigas
  • Jacobite War Song
  • Jacobites in their Hiding Places
  • Jet Black Haired Youth
  • John O'Groat's House
  • John Shepherd of Glengarry
  • Jolly Companions
  • Keep it Up
  • Keppoch Desolate
  • Kilchattan Wedding
  • Killichassy
  • King's Health
  • Kinrara
  • Lachlan With the Jet Black Hair
  • Laddie I Esteem You
  • Lady Lovat
  • Moirear Shiem
  • Moyhall
  • My Bonny Brunette
  • My Darling has Deceived Me
  • My Favorite if I could Get There
  • My Heart is Broke Since Thy Departure
  • My Love has Gone to Sea
  • My Love in Secret
  • My Love is Fixed upon Her
  • My Love Today as Heretofore
  • My Lover Wounded
  • My Recent Gift
  • My Wife has Scolded Me
  • New Year's Day
  • Niel Gow's Style
  • None Left at Home but Wife and Bairn
  • North Hunt Medley
  • North Side of the Grampians
  • Novelty
  • Now You're Gone Awa'
  • Nuptial Knot
  • Orphan
  • Ossianic Air
  • Pass Round the Flagon
  • Periwig
  • Pipe Slang
  • Place True Love Thine Arm Around Me
  • Poet's Grave
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Charles Last View of Scotland
  • Recollection of that Day
  • Rendevous
  • Rinnettan's Daughter
  • Rising of the Year 1715
  • Rob Roy MacGregor
  • Robb Donn MacKay the Poet
  • Roderick Dhu
  • The Clanalpin Chief
  • Romance
  • Rotha's Lament
  • Round and a Health to a Glorious Wellington
  • Rover
  • Rowing from Isla to Uist
  • Rowing Time Piece
  • Safely Landed
  • Sandy is my only Love
  • Scolding Wives of Abertarff
  • Sequestered Beauty
  • Shepherdess
  • Shieling in the Braes of Rannoch
  • Short Apron
  • Sitting in the Stern of a Boat
  • Sleep on till day
  • Small is My Inclinatin to Sleep
  • Sound of War from the Glen
  • Source of Spey
  • Sportsman's Haunt
  • Spot Where My Forefathers Dwelt
  • Stolen Breeks
  • Strath Errick
  • The Native Country of
  • St. Kilda Wedding
  • Style of the Last Century
  • Sweet May Morning
  • This Gloom on my Soul
  • Thou has left me Melancholy
  • Tired After My Expidition
  • Traveller benighted in Snow
  • Tyndrum
  • Uist Lasses
  • Urquart Castle
  • Waes me for Charlie
  • Weaver has a Daughter
  • Weaver's Triumph
  • Wedding Ring
  • Well May I Behold My Faithful Brown Haired Maiden
  • Well may my True Love Arrive
  • What care I for the Minister
  • What Pain I've Endured Since Last Year
  • What'll be King but Charlie
  • Where are your Gods and Mighty Hopes
  • Who will dandle my Mary
  • Will You Run Awa' wi' Me
  • Willie's Old Trews
  • Willy Will You E'er Return